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ORIGYN Foundation Acquires CanDB, Paves the Way for New Decentralized Businesses

ORIGYN Foundation is thrilled to announce the acquisition of CanDB from CanScale, a leading-edge database software provider that ​​offers distributed data infrastructure for the Internet Computer (IC) blockchain. Through this integration, ORIGYN will make digital certificates searchable across the entire IC ecosystem.

The strategic acquisition of CanDB also aims to enhance innovation and collaboration across the IC community. This paves the way for a new generation of decentralized businesses and software development, enabling developers to scale their decentralized applications using CanDB without the need for additional capital and commercial licensing agreements. ​​

As a first step, the CanDB code has been made publicly viewable by the IC developer community here. ORIGYN will also introduce the ORIGYN Foundation Software License (OFSL), a novel “decentralization” license for CanDB, which aims to serve as a model approach for sustaining key open-source software projects. This license allows IC projects to freely and openly leverage CanDB software, powering the next generation of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) enabled projects toward decentralization via the IC’s Service Nervous System DAO Creation Tool (SNS).

Kinic, a prominent SNS adopter, has already obtained a “decentralization” license of the CanDB software through ORIGYN, which further demonstrates the technology’s value to the IC and disruption to the “big data’’ market overall.

ORIGYN will use CanDB’s technology to index a wide range of its NFT canisters. This provides a single, easy-to-use interface for users to search the NFTs minted, for sale and certifying products on the ORIGYN Network. This integration will streamline the user experience and make it easier for investors and Web3 natives to navigate and engage with the rapidly growing NFT market.

“CanDB represents another arrow in the quiver of ORIGYN’s open infrastructure, supporting the imminent rollout of a multitude of pan-industry platforms facilitating the migration of global commerce to Web3,” said Mike Schwartz, ORIGYN Co-Founder.

Byron Becker, the founder of CanDB, will work alongside ORIGYN to support CanDB users, serving as an advisor and open-source maintainer for the CanDB software. Byron’s expertise and deep understanding of the CanDB technology will be invaluable in driving ORIGYN’s work to create an open ecosystem.

“I am thrilled to collaborate with ORIGYN on the continued development and integration of CanDB into ORIGYN’s growing stack of Internet Computer utilities,” said Becker. “Together, we will help bring CanDB to its next evolution, expanding its availability to new developers and leaders in the Internet Computer ecosystem and widening its appeal and visibility as a fully on-chain, scalable datastore to attract projects across all of web3.”

This is just the beginning of the open tools and projects ORIGYN will bring to the IC community. Follow us on Twitter for updates on the CanDB and ORIGYN collaboration.

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