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An Open Letter to the ORIGYN Community by Austin Fatheree

If we haven’t yet met, I’m Austin, the Chief Technology Officer at ORIGYN Foundation. Some of you may know me from my work with

Today, I’d like to share the culmination of many months of building and laser focus here at ORIGYN. This is a major milestone on our journey to implement a multi-year vision to protect authenticity and appropriately reward human creativity and ingenuity.

In brief, we’ve determined that we need a next-generation NFT that scales far beyond what is possible in the original Ethereum-based concept. The power and scalability of the IC have provided the tech we need to bring a more powerful, flexible and robust NFT to the market.

Over the next few weeks, we will release the first iteration of this new tech to the IC community for review, debate, improvement and coordination. What we present will be a living, breathing creation of our own. It will grow and improve over time as we discuss the merits and qualities we expect from the ORIGYN NFT.

We start with the release of the perpetualOS white paper. This white paper lays the necessity for the vision and planned features for a new way to interact with NFTs. As with the code, this white paper has been many months in the making/writing, with the collaboration of the other leaders of ORIGYN Foundation. I’m thrilled it’s now live, and we welcome your eyes and discernment.

We will soon follow this paper with executable, audited, open source code for you to experiment with. We hope that the release of this code and information will be seen as the collaborative effort that it is. We know how philosophical the Web3 community can be when it comes to new tech and, especially, something as bold as a “new standard.”

We do not take this effort lightly and feel this new standard is necessary for ORIGYN to achieve our vision and fully realize the mission of our foundation. We invite you to participate and will, of course, listen to any input you have, but we also offer the opportunity to put skin-in-the-game with OGY utility token. OGY token holders will ultimately drive our tech and platform and benefit from the tech we build together.

Thank you all. Welcome to the ORIGYN NFT.

Austin Fatheree

CTO — ORIGYN Foundation